“I was not allowed to play tennis if I don’t put it right” – Serena Williams

The 23-time champion of Grand Slam Serena Williams, who has dominated five generations of tennis, he began playing tennis at the age of three years. While studying in the ninth grade, Williams became a professional. And she still continues as on the track professional.

She was ranked number one in the circuit, juvenile, and also had a record of 46-3 on the tour with youth of the Association of Tennis of the united States, however, was allowed to swing their rackets only when he completed his duties academic.

“It’s definitely innate. I think that when I was a kid, always played tennis, but at the same time, not leave me to play tennis if I don’t put it right. It was like, well, I have to make sure that I am studying, then I can play tennis. I was already doing two things, ” revealed Serena Williams once.

“At some point, I decided to go to college and earn the opening of the united States. Okay, I’m going to college, but I’m still winning titles open Wimbledons. Again, I was doing more than one thing, ” he added.

“I have so much energy,” – Serena Williams

The as american Williams has conducted multiple tasks since then. At this time, you are managing your tennis career with your business and the responsibility of a mother “full-time”.

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“It was always something. So now only continues. I’m a little glad to have practiced. I need to be busy because, like, I have a lot of energy and I always thought that as the older I get, the more peaceful I feel, I feel that it is something opposite. I keep getting more energy. It’s crazy, “ Williams said.

At the age of seventeen years, Serena won her first major title at the US Open of 1999. Despite having obtained a major title in her teen years, she considers herself “low-performing” after comparing with the achievements of Martina Hingis and Jennifer Capriati.

“If Martina was number 1 at the age of 16, then we had a low performance at 17. It was definitely a ton of pressure for us.” Changed at some point in the middle where people started gaining a little later, ” Williams shared during Wimbledon 2019.

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