I won it from Jennifer Lopez! Becky G highlighted his gifts as a woman with this rogue dress


The beautiful Becky G once again surprised all her fans with this spicy photo.

Becky G at his young age, has managed to position very well in the world of music, thanks to her powerful voice and energy on stage and also due to their musical collaborations.


The u.s. broke records in 2017 next to Bad Bunny thanks to the theme “Older” since that time the fame of this brown was on the rise.


Despite the social isolation, Becky do not stop keeping his followers, the fanatics of the twenty-year-old did not stop halagarla after recently posteara a picture in her pajamas on the bed What a tender!, however, a photo bomb recently became viral on the networks, despite the time that has continues to be a delight for all his fans.


This is a photograph that shows the side of spicy singer and dancer, where he wears a stylish red dress is very eye-catching that helps to highlight the charms of woman.


The photography is so attractive that today thousands of fans are still commenting.