In praise of Simone de Beauvoir


By Abel Ross.- After reading dozens of news relating to the anniversary of the Second Republic, me acord de Simone de Beauvoir. I acord of it because yesterday it meets the trigsimo fourth anniversary of his death. I remember, about five years old, who was with her at The Capri. I needed the truth to be told, to talk long and hard with what was once a key piece in the feminist struggle. In those years, I was reading The ceremony of the adis, l the last book that I wrote and narrates the last years of Sartre. I question the feminism of our das. I tell him that we may draw a line between the First and Third World. In the first, feminism has advanced, and much. Women have gained the right to full citizen but still much remains to be done. Still have not achieved parity in the spheres of power. Still, the majority of women charged with the double day. And still, in the XXI century, the data about violence of genre cross-pollination is outrageous. In the Third World, for its part, there is the “feminizacin of poverty and male violence resulting from the conflict property. Need I say, a strong leadership that unifies the global discourse of feminism. The same thing that has made Greta Thunberg with environmentalism. To expand in The Corner of the Crtica