Interview of Anderson Cooper to Lady Gaga re-emerges and fans applaud

In 2010 there was a controversy that catapulted the singer to fame. Now it goes viral again the interview of Anderson Cooper to Lady Gaga on the subject of his”penis” and the reactions are revived.

When Gaga was starting his career, millions of people danced to his hits”Poker Face” and “Just Dance” but was a rumour about his genitals and identity sexuallo that made the world turn its head to see her.

The interview of Anderson Cooper to Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wore at a concert in a tight red dress that let her see something “strange” in his crotch. At this time, the social networks erupted with the presumption that the singer had a “penis” and was trying to hide it.

Speculation was more there and many said that I had penis and vagina at the same time, that is to say, it was “a hermaphrodite”. Since that time, media from all over the world were dedicated to observe her closely to determine if it was true, the rumor.

Gaga was confronted directly on the subject in numerous interviews, but only gave a direct response and shear on the subject by journalist Anderson Cooper in 2011. His words caused a great impact among his followers until the day of today.

“Perhaps, yes. Would it be so terrible? Why the hell am I going to lose the time and give a press release about if I have or not a penis? My fans don’t care and me either.”

Since then the expressions of appreciation of the LGBT community will rain down to the singer of “Bad Romance”. On Twitter, many expressed their respect for the handling of the interview.

Currently Lady Gaga is a star consecrated in the world of music and now the Hollywood. Decided to postpone the premiere of his most recent album by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

While both are dedicated to propelling the concert “One World: Together at Home, which will be held on Saturday, April 18. Before this looking raise 35 million dollars to help in the fight against the Covid-19 the World Health Organization.

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