It is brutal! The photo of Alexa Dellanos that shocked all of Puerto Rico


The first thing you think to do Alexa Dellanos when you finish the quarantine is go to the beach the photo sessions in bikini are one of your favorite. As you can’t move house, Alexa takes advantage of it to take the sun with a dress with which has shocked all of Puerto Rico.

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Taking a visit to the beach in my dreams tonight. ?

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He has had to give up to many contracts but the store on-line Fashion Nova continues to rely on her for that advertise some products from your house and even if you are worried about your economic situation, Alexa has recognized that who really takes the dream is her mother.

Myrka Dellanos is in Miami where work continues, daily comes to the sets of ‘Al rojo vivo’, while ignoring her daughter now wears a mask despite the 40 degree temperature that claim to be suffering there.

The relationship between mother and daughter it is the most close and although they speak every day, Alexa she has devoted a video to her mother, who has become a true revolution in the networks. The influencer she has sung to her mother the theme ‘We are such to which’ of Luis Miguel, who was the former partner of Myrka.

After receiving the recognition of their followers, Alexa has enjoyed a pleasant time basking in the sun but unlike what we are accustomed, instead of using a bathing suit the model is garbed in very tight with the one who has managed to scandalize Puerto Rico to the full.

Despite their air of diva and the vagaries with which it is often no surprise, Alexa has shown her human side by making public its concern for the situation in which we are living.

Is thankful to be healthy, to be able to make the sun dresses that scream and sing to your mother themes of Luis Miguel.