It is just a matter of attitude! Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guardia teach you their skills as dancers


All people travel in different ways, the isolation, if we would like to do so with joy Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guardia is a clear example of this case.

Through their social networks, both Victoria as Maribel chose to share their best photographs with their loved ones.

Currently Guard and Ruffo they remain in their own homes, but it was Maribel, who wanted to upload a memory of the cute moments that lived during the development of the work “The Harpies”.

In the video you can see how the successful figures, deployed all his talents to the field of dance, as that left more than one surprised with his steps.

The background melody that you hear, it belongs to the musical group “Los Angeles Azules”, and apparently the rhythm lead built-in since forever.

Without a doubt, Maribel and Victoria created his career over the years, through effort and perseverance, and this is seen in the successful outcomes that have had their tv projects.

Despite these difficult days, las leading actresses they managed to entertain their followers, in addition to convey a bit of excitement.