It shows what it’s made of! Esther Expósito boasts a hidden talent


It is very difficult to spend the days locked in the midst of the health crisis that acojona to all over the world, however some people like Esther Expósito know how to get the juice to the running of the bulls.

Social networks have undoubtedly been the escape route for more than one in these hours eternal, and that is why the famous are appropriated from the platforms to be in tune with their fans, such is the case of the Spanish.

The interpreter on more than one occasion provided moments of their intimacy and each step he gave was cheered by his millions of followers in a matter of seconds.

Is that there is no doubt that the member of the series “Elite” complies with all the requirements of a celebrity, of heavenly beauty, charisma, talent in the scenarios, and above all a humble giant.

The diva of Netflix he has made clear that its task is not only having a pretty face, but also show the love already thanks to their public in the last few hours left everyone speechless.

The actress he shared in his personal account of Instagram a video where he reveals a facet very little known of his life, the dance and its sensual moves worthy of a goddess of olympus.

In a matter of seconds his admirers take advantage of the comment box and highlighted his affection towards the artist, which without a doubt has made it clear that he came to the world the spectacle to stay and make a revolution.