It’s not only Stan Lee! These are the best cameos that he has had the MCU

Marvel Studios became a personal signature, not just the scenes postcréditos, the fans were waiting for the appearance of Stan Lee. The creator of so many superheroes always appeared at some unexpected moment during the film, but not only he was the only one famous who was part of this successful universe, you have the best cameos that he has had the MCU, do you remember them all?


‘Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 2’ was awarded one of the cameos more unexpected, especially because Peter Quill is first mentioned as his idealization of father when he was small. But after, when Ego (his real father) tells him that he killed his mother, it appears the actor to be able to manipulate your child, without a doubt, something that no one expected to come.


It's not only Stan Lee! These are the best cameos that he has had the MCU-howard-the-duck-guardians-of-the-galaxy-gif-6

One of the characters that fans were not expecting to see was Howard the Duck, which came out in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1’ when we know all the strange objects you have in your power The Collector while drinking and joking, for the sequel to what we see with more jokes for her captor. Green is a successful comedian in the united States, so to see him be part of the MCU it was something that nobody expected.


If films less beloved by the fans it is, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is in the list. Starring Edward Norton before he left the project and paves the way to Mark Ruffalo. It may not be your favorite but it has the cameos more interesting that you can find, starting with Bixby who played the huge and angry creature in the tv series ‘the Hulk’ from 1977-1982. The actor appears as Bruce Banner flees to Brazil, when you turn on the television in the program ‘The Courtship of Eddie’s Father’, he is the presenter. The following is Suns who lent his voice to the animated series ‘the Incredible Hulk’, 1966, the actor appears as the owner of the pizzeria is close to the University of Culver. Finally we find Ferringo who also played the Hulk in a series of live-action, it is to him we see him as the security guard of the university.


It may be that your name not you sound, but he is the mind behind the comic “Infinity Gauntlet” of 1991, which influenced directly the character of Thanos in ‘Ininity War’ and ‘Endgame’, it is in this last that we see it become part of the group of assistance at the beginning of the film.


It's not only Stan Lee! These are the best cameos that he has had the MCU's best-cameos-that-has-had-the-mcu-1-600x360

So, one of the brothers who has directed several installments of the MCU appeared in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ as the doctor who helps Nick Fury and Black Widow before the final fight, but also appears in ‘Civil War’ as Dr. Theo Brussard, who was in charge of assessing Bucky Barnes, but Zemo what he destroyed. Also appears in ‘Endgame’ as one of the attendees of the support group organized by Steve Rogers.


Taika Waititi knew how to play well with the disaster that left him in ‘Thor: The Dark World’. A play takes place in Asgar with the recount of what happened and for the trio main were recruited to three large stars. To interpret Thor was hired by the brother of the protagonist (Chris Hemsworth), for Odin turned to the star of ‘Jurassic Park’, Sam Neill and Loki were by a Oscar winner, Matt Damon.


It was one of those occurrences which no one really suspected. This is because the actor appears in the series ‘Agent Carter’, ABC, one of the many Marvel Studios canceled to have all of their characters together in a single channel. Here he plays at the Jarvis and in the film is when Tony Stark travels back in time to go for the Tesseract, when he takes leave of his father, this gives your case to Edwin Jarvis, who turns out to be the inspiration for your wizard of artificial intelligence, this is without doubt one of the best cameos that he has had the MCU.

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