James Gunn choose 27 sequels that are better than their original movies


Weeks after having a ranking of ten best movies to pass the quarantine, James Gunn he came back with another list of recommendations for cinephiles.

On this occasion, the filmmaker behind Guardians of the Galaxy and the next tape Suicide Squad published in your Twitter account 27 sequels that, in their opinion, of course, are better than their predecessors.

Between the chosen by the director, and musician originally from St. Louis, Missouri, are, for example, Toy Story 2, Godfather II, Blade Runner 2049, Gremlins 2, Terminator 2 and Final destination 2.

In addition, as could not be otherwise, there was no shortage of feature films based on characters from comics, both Marvel as DC. In this section, Gunn pointed out that both Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight and Batman Returns are better than their predecessors. However, on this issue expressed:

“You’ll notice a disproportionate amount of films of superheroes in this list. The reason is that the stories of origin are often boring and can be an additional element in a story about a superhero against a bad guy, instead of being an organic part of the story.”

You can see the complete list below, originally posted on Twitter.

Toy Story 2
Godfather II
Spider-Man 2
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Evil Dead 2
Shrek 2
The Dark Knight
Bride of Frankenstein
Hellboy II
Road Warrior
For a Few Dollars More
Paddington 2
Empire Strikes Back
Wrath of Kahn
Superman II
Batman Returns
Gremlins 2
Blade II
Legend of the Drunken Master
Blade Runner 2049
Magnum Force
Final Destination 2
Captain America Winter Soldier
Swordsman II
Terminator 2

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