Jennifer Lpez ms extravagant than ever: a visti of the heart literal!


Jennifer Lpez it is one of the main divas in the world of the show, that’s why, with every appearance tends to dazzle all with your beauty and image.
In the middle of the quarantine by coronavirus, Jennifer Lpez I shared moments of a session camera that left all blown away. This time, the attention is not only central in the beauty of the singer, but also in his particular style.

On a white background, Jennifer Lpez pos with a garment whose design is of a heart made with feathers and stilettos heels in the same shade of pink. Given that the shape and color bursts in the image, the singer highlighted wi: The Wednesday we wear pink. I send them to all hearts.
Given that their look resembles that of a heart at the top, the artist dej bare her slender legs tanned and tonificadas. That is to say, a part of the body that already had received thousands of compliments at the time you present your collection of shoes.