Jessi Uribe sings ‘Tusa’ Karol G


Well you see in a story, listening to Jessi interpret, to its popular style and from its site of quarantine by a coronavirus, part of the sounded the theme that says: “You no longer have an excuse, today went out with his friend, that is to say pa’ kill the husk, that because a man paid her badlyas he sees sentimental, says that other man doesn’t cry, no.”

And, then, reaches to interpret a bit of the chorus: “But if you put in the song, and gives it a depression sillycrying begins to call, but he left it in the mailbox…”.

In a part of the recording, even, the artist recognized, alongside an emoticon of laughter, that she had to read the letter on a piece to turn out right, your interpretation.


That was not the only topic of colleagues than the famous sang in their stories of Instagram at the request of his followers, also ‘He lied to me’, Amanda Miguel; ‘Died the love’, his girlfriend Paola Jara; and ‘I like it’, in Joan Sebastian; among others.

However, the one that is rotating is the ‘Husk’, therefore, until it has been replicated in public accounts of Instagram on celebrities. Here we leave one of these publications: