Jhonny Deep play one of the greatest enemies of Batman Quin be?


The situation work of the renowned actor Jhonny Deep like once again to take the course. After the scandalous legal battle that pits you against your former spouse, Amber Heard, give him a break, the proposals began to arrive. You will be able to interpret the archenemy of Batman?

If well, the actor it was sealado of violence physical and psychological against his ex-wife, today all these allegations can come crashing down thanks to the statement of a key witness, whose testimony, throw earth all dumping by the former Deep.

With this new breath of air, the interpreter Pirates of the Caribbean he started to clean his image and his name, and of course, the job opportunities began to arrive. In the last hours viraliz what could be the role of his life.

Of the hand of a fantico of Jhonny Deep, the social networks exploded at the view the actor in the skin of the Joker, archenemy of Batman. Quickly the images sparked a sinfn of speculations on the possible role that in the future you will be able to have the artist of Hollywood as a central character.

However, all these theories around at the fan art, they were nothing, since Disney did not confirm anything, in fact not even Jhonny Deep I went out to disprove or not. Apparently, all form part of the imaginary of the fanticos.