Joaquin Phoenix and John Legend’s call for amnesty for prisoners vulnerable | Journal of Mexico



As part of their support to a campaign driven by Release Aging People In Prison, a civilian organization that supports the prisoners of the third age to obtain the pardon, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and John Legend made a couple of videos in the requesting Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, was put in freedom to the prisoners whose age and medical history the put vulnerable to the contagions of Covid-19, which have spread at an alarming rate within the total prison population in that city.

Phoenix, whose presence in social campaigns is unusual and remarkable stated in your video that it was a measure of pressing, because the domestic population and employees of prisons, given the nature of the facilities, no way to comply with the measures of security, such is the case of the recommended distance; which will result in a greater impact on the people of the state.

For its part, Legend pointed out that the reduction of the prison population is crucial to curb the increase in infection, and that was in the hands of the governor to safeguard the life of the internal by pushing for the release of prisoners little dangerous, of the third age or medical history which may prove susceptible to the virus.

Until now, some prisoners have been benefited by the presence of the Covid-19, such is the case of the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who was released from house arrest by demonstrating that their suffering respiratory put at risk his life before a possible contagion.