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The singer Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner make up one of the marriages most popular in the world of the show. This time, they have returned to generate comments after daring to meet a curious challenge in the social network Tik Tok.

Known as the ‘challenge of the couples’, this particular challenge is to throw questions to the two people that make up the relationship, to express their feelings about the other.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner make up one of the couples most popular in the world of international show.

So, in a fun video that have been shared with Joe Jonas in his account of Tik Tok, you can see him next to his wife revealing some details of their love life.

“What of the two of you fell in love with first?” question a voice in the challenge. Before this, they both point to themselves. “Who’s more unbearable when you are hungry?”, hear then. Then the couple released a smile and shown to be in agreement that she is.

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In just a few hours, the images have reached over 5 million views and have attracted the attention of the followers of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in all over the world.

Through the social network Tik Tok, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have revealed their secret partner.

As is known, currently the couple is confined because of the isolation caused by the expansion of the coronavirus. A few days ago, the actress of Game of Thrones revealed that, unlike her husband, she the quarantine does not affect you too much due to his introverted way of being.