Katy Perry teaches us his tummy of pregnant woman with a fun look


Katy Perry has always been characterized by being a chameleon. The artist does not have a style set, likes to try and risk and from that jumped to fame has surprised his fans with looks impossible, always cheerful, colorful, and with as much personality as her.

The singer does not lose its style, even while pregnant. Katy Perry is still just as original and daringand once more wanted to prove it by sharing a picture on his account of Instagram, where in addition to boast of tummy of pregnant, confirms that it has not lost its essence.

If it is of no surprise with looks that are bold, there will always win it. From dress-up candelabra, going on to become a christmas tree, or show off prints, almost squeaking. But Katy Perry is also able to dress like a true Hollywood diva and dazzle on the red carpet, and with all of these looks gets to be equally favored, something impossible for most people.

Now that you are pregnant, Katy Perry continues to surprise every day with their looks, and this time he has shared a fun picture dressed as Easter bunny with the addition of showing off of tummy of pregnant woman, shows that her sense of humor remains the same.

The artist and her partner, actor Orlando Bloom will welcome their first child next summer of 2020, and both share all the happy news that they are giving the pregnancy through their social networks. To original will not gain anything, the proof is in when they announced the sex of the baby.