Kelly Clarkson and Blaise Sang they sing in English, ‘I Dare You (I dare You to love)’


When few days ago it was announced that Kelly Clarkson and Blas Cantó they were going to release a duet together, we couldn’t believe. But it is true, and is already here I Dare You (I dare You to love’), they sing together in Spanish.

I Dare You it is a daring proposal of the american (“a dream come true,” in his words), and is a surprising movement in the career of the artist, which is closer than ever to markets where it is not yet so well known. So he decided that his new single I Dare You would be 5 versions in different languages –that of their guests in duets– that would record with different artists, in addition to the original English plays alone.

Blas Cantó was chosen to record with her in the Spanish version, they have just launched, as the rest. In the other participating Faouzia (in Arabic), Zaz (in French), the duo Glasperlenspiel (in German) and Maya Bouskilla (in Hebrew). And we can already see the lyric video of this I Dare You in Spanish.

Another duo for Blas Canto, who recently premiered together with Pastora Soler My light. Without a doubt, joys to a Blas which has had to dismiss Eurovision 2020 Universegiven that the euro-contest; she has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. Although Blas will represent us in the coming year. Security has also appreciated the tribute that many Spanish representatives in Eurovision song contest wanted to pay through Shangay, who has just joined also Rosa López, who at the time could not be joined to the video that we have shared with you.