Kim Kardashian wore “too many days” without a shower



The tv star Kim Kardashian has openly acknowledged that, due to the situation of confinement and domestic derived from the coronavirus, arrived to spend several days without being given a good shower, and no brushing the hair properly: a dynamic that certainly contrasts with the outfits so “glamorous” that I used to look in their house when they were there the cameras in his program of reality tv.

After admitting, among other things, that his mane is a “complete disaster” for too long, the celebrity has revealed the portal Refinery 29 has only been redefined in a couple of occasions and, probably, with the sole aim of not losing some of their good customs associated with your condition guru of fashion and beauty.

“My hair is a complete disaster and I’ve only redefined two times. The truth is that I feel very good when I do. I feel that I am a completely different person when I finally wake up from the sofa and do something to reclaim my normality. But usually because I’m not that glamorous lifestyle of before, what is true is that it was too much time without a shower or brush my hair,” he confessed socialite before to attribute these “changes” to their role as mother to time is almost complete.

“Priorities change of course when the children have school at home and you have to get organized well to accommodate all your needs in your routine. I try not to push too much, my advice to all those mothers that are in the same situation is to simply do the best you can”, has sentenced the mother of North (6), Saint (4), Chicago (2) and Psalm (11 months) next to the rapper Kanye West.