Let’s style Harley Quinn! Lady Gaga fell in love with all of his fans with this selfie bomb


The american left more than one without words after you have uploaded these postcards in Instagram What a preciousness!

The beautiful Lady Gaga left to his fans more in love than ever after a new look from taking it, and it’s definitely this radical change goes with his essence.

Despite the fact that Gaga took time to show their natural appearance, before the public keeps its followers madly in love, because, some years ago, this girl was the center of attention thanks to its extravagant costumes and make-ups.

Fight for you (even if we split in two) “. Was the description of the publication, which reached more than a million I like.

Remember that Lady Gaga it is one of the participants in the mega-concert is completely free which will take place this April 18.

“We want to highlight the gravity of this cultural movement that is historic and unprecedented… And we want to celebrate and encourage the power of the human spirit”