Lizzo: the diva XL queen in the pop and fashion


Empowered might be the best word to define Lizzo. Without a doubt, 2019 was definitely his year, which catapulted him to international fame. The singer is the new voice of the music that leads all the rankings today.

Melissa Viviane Jefferson was born 31 years ago in Detroit. His pseudonym is the mixture of his nickname of small, Smooth, combined with the song Jay-Z, Izzo.

Lizzo is now a registered trademark, but did not start easily. At the age of 10 she moved with her family to Houston, a city that saw it take its first steps in the world of music. After the death of his father, he moved to Minneapolis, where he became a locally known band with rap Chaliceuntil 2013 he began his solo career.

A year later would have the possibility to record by Prince on his album Plectrumelectrum. This gave her the confidence to start writing your own songs.

Girl of cover. In the September issue of Elle US.

Girl of cover. In the September issue of Elle US.

Lizzo you can mix rap, pop, and hip hop because you don’t like typecast and enjoys the fusion of various genres. Even plays the flute, an instrument that dominates to perfection.

In 2019, his career took off definitely thanks to a Netflix movie, Someone extraordinary, in which the protagonists sang their song Truth Heartslaunched originally two years before. In April of last year presented its third album, which won eight nominations at the awards Grammy (won three) and was chosen by the magazine Time as the artist revelation of the moment.

In addition, it stole all the attention in Coachellathe festival of music most recognized in the united States, where they only play established artists; was showcased at the gala at the MET and debuted in film alongside Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers.

This meteoric rise, that only few people manage, after 30 years in a industry so competitive, it is the result of their letters. Lizzo says that since he began his solo career was always the same way: write songs positive, give clear messages and empower women.

Also, the fact of growing up in a religious family helped to understand the importance of self-love, which is the center of his music. Another key factor in its success is that it is not afraid to express their feelings during their performances in vivo. For this reason, it is common to see her cry on stage; something that doesn’t ashamed at all, but the proud.

It is important to break with stereotypes. We need real representation.

Lizzo, singer


All those who grew up with the music of the 2000s or even the ‘90s, with artists such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, they would not have imagined that 20 years later would succeed someone like Lizzo.

The abdominal markings, the tiny waist and the face angelic were some of the standards of beauty that teenage girls aspired to. Today, the scenario is another. For Lizzo, the main thing is to accept oneself without regard for the impositions aesthetic of the society. And this stance is more compatible with the mentality of the majority of young people today.

“It is important to break with stereotypes. We need real representation,” said the singer. “She encourages everybody, is funny and smart, has many facets, as in life itself. Lizzo is a woman of color and curves, it is real. For that reason represents to many minorities,” said Sharon Haywood, founder of Anybody Argentina.

Partnerships with the fashion

In terms of trends, the singer also gives what to talk about because it is not limited to dress only in black or dark colors to hide your overweight.

Glamour. Dressed by Versace to the Grammys.

Glamour. Dressed by Versace to the Grammys.

On the contrary, leads to extravagant designs and super bold of world-renowned designers, those who love dressing. An example is the model white strapless and corset embroidery signed by Versacethat led to the final delivery of the Grammy. For the Met Gala wore a dress of pink with a prominent pit and a coat of feathers tone, complying with the theme Camp. “No I hide by being overweight, I want to as I am and I wear what I like,” he confessed.

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In addition, joined the list of celebrities of solidarity that help to combat the pandemic of the coronavirus, with a donation of food and food for health personnel of several hospitals in the united States, in the form of gratitude. “You are heroes. The least I can do is send them a lunch. I hope you feel appreciated, because you really are,” he said in networks. All an example.