Madonna Long live the Queen of Pop!


There is cantanteviva to compare to the multifacéticaartista of 61 years. A super star of entertainment that has made the music his own business.

Madonna has established a track record and has been crowned as the artist “soloist most successful and biggest selling musical of all time” and the singer that more discs sold in the TWENTIETH century, according to the RecordingIndustryAssociationof America (RIAA). But more than knowing all about his successful career,the journalists of the whole world hanescrudiñado the personal facet of the Queen of Pop, who has always been shrouded in controversy and an image full of sensuality and eroticism.

Dazzled by its own success, Madonna has declared on more than one occasion that his goal has always been the same since I was little: “rule the world”, and indeed that what has been achieved, at least in the world of music, where he has broken records that soloThe Beatles and Michael Jackson did. The same critics and experts named as the female artist most influential and most successful in the history of music. His legacy is so great that all the singers contemporary want a “piece of her”, inspired in their dress, in their video clips and even in their style of life.


As if already destined to become a “queen”, Madonna LouiseVeronicaCiccone (August 16, 1958), he was the first name the meaning in Italian is the title of the Virgin Mary: “my lady”, same name of his mother. From his childhood on, the life of the artist was marked by painful episodes, the first of them was the death of his mother a victim of ovarian cancer, when she was the tender age of 5 years. “I remember a person who was angelic that always forgave. Always tried to keep the fear inside and not show us,” says Madonna when she remembers the brief but warm relationship he had with her.

“If my mother were alive, I would be different. Often I have to be careful. When someone dies, you tend to make him something different to what you were.” – Madonna

Losing the female figure within his home, the native of Bay City, Michigan (united States) grew up as a girl confused away from the female stereotypes, very marked at that time, and did not care about wearing makeup or even shaving your armpits. For its part, the relationship with his father was not very good and after that he remarried with another woman, she decided to “be someone in life”. It was then when he began to study dance at the University of Michigan and shortly before the end of the race he embarked on his dream in New York, where he did everything from working as a waitress at Dunkin’ Donuts to make artistic photos with such a not to borrow some money to his father.

Again the destination, or “the universe” –as regularly she attached to it– put it to the test while working as a dancer surrogate in the Big Apple. One night after rehearsal, was the victim of sexual abuse. Time after this strong episode, she began to develop a passion for music and to his surprise, Sire Records offered him a contract for his first album as a solo artist.


The Queen of Pop has always been shrouded in an image of transgression full of sensuality. But that’s not what I had experienced up to the release of their second album ‘Like A Virgin’, 1984, from which it follows the song of the same name that brought her to international stardom. In the video of this legendary hit, the Madonna is enveloped in a magnificent wedding dress and acted like “a girl is a modern he is about to lose his virginity.” She dances around a lavish living room with marble movements suggestive, trying to explore sexuality for the first time. The video of “Like A Virgin” is one of the most iconic in the history of pop, and the song was crowned as a hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The receipt of a Madonna young, artistic, chameleon-like and provocative attracted the eyes of all the world, and was praised as “ambition blonde”, especially for the great contribution that a female figure had done to the world of entertainment from Marilyn Monroe, who was compared since its beginnings. But determined to set a legacy and to break with stereotypes and taboos, Madonna was a step ahead with songs and videos, iconic.

In 2003, 21 years of the hit that crowned it as the Queen of Pop in the first edition of the MTV Video MusicAwards in 1984, the canciónfue again presented by a Madonna much more mature but virile, dressed now as a groom and delivering the title of Princess of Pop to the young Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera through a kiss lesbians. The controversial show is considered the most iconic in an award ceremony in the history of MTV.

But that has not been the only time that Madonna has done to theirs. In 1990, the then Pope John Paul II vetoed in Rome, for to blaspheme against the church and catholic tradition in the video for “Like A Player”, where the artist emulates a stigma and dances between red crosses in flames while she seduces a “messiah” in color. Despite the efforts of the catholic community of sabotearla, that didn’t stop his albums continued selling unstoppable and that in 1991 it became the celebrity with the most profits in the world, surpassing the sixty-five million dollars.


From the decade of the 80’s, the multi-faceted artist of 61 years has given what to talk about and in all areas is an important reference. Musically, it is the female singer with most records sold, and more hits number one on Billboard. 300 million units sold hail this as the ultimate pop star.

In terms of performance, has made 26 movies, some with excellent reviews, and others with negative reviews.He won a Golden Globe as Best Actress Comedy or Musical for the movie ‘Evita’ in 1996, where she played Eva Perón. It has also been opted for to create several products and companies related to the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

The most iconic of his career was when he was introduced at Half Time of the SuperBowl in 2012, which had become the show most seen with more than 114 million viewers, to the show of Katy Perry in 2015. The challenging show showed the artist on the highest point of his career, just one month after the release of her new album ‘MDNA’, the album’s most glorious sales it has generated in the last decade. Now Madonna seems happy with Madame X-his fourteenth studio album, published by the important company Interscope Records

Icon music

The impact of the Queen Madonna in the music is unstoppable and the critics have been quoted as the main artists that have been inspired by the singer.

  • Britney Spears is considered the Princess of Pop because it has influenced a lot in their music and videos.
  • In its beginnings the criticism pointed out to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry as “the next Madonna” by your picture transgressive and chameleon-like.
  • Regarded as the “Madonna of our generation”, Taylor Swift has cited the constant reinvention of the cantantecomo inspiration of his visual aesthetic.
  • Rihanna is considered to be the “Black Madonna” because of the huge influence he has received from his idol.
  • Beyoncé said that Madonna inspired her to take control of your own career.
  • Shakira has been praised as the “Madonna Latin”, a nickname that have been imposed on the media by the extraordinary success of his career.
  • Paulina Rubio has said that it “inspires the warrior spirit” by Madonna. Many media have praised with the same honorary title, but of the hispanic world.

KylieMinogue has cited Madonna as one of their major influences. It is known for being the Queen of Pop in Australia and the United Kingdom. Image: Clasos

“People thought that one day he would wake up and I would no longer be there, but they were wrong… I Never I will go.”
“My goal is the same that I’ve had since I was little I want to rule the world!”
“I don’t regret anything, everything I did, I marked a step in my life, no that would not be who I am”
Madonna is the winner of multiple awards
”I like change, I don’t feel comfortable being the same always, I like reinventarme”
Your presentation at Half Time of the Super Bowl has been the most iconic of his career

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