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Mark Ruffalo opens the doors to the back of the Hulk


Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow, who were part of the avengers initials, have been dismissed from the Marvel Universe. While heroin still appears in his film in solitary, we all know what was your final destination Avengers: Endgameexpected Scarlett Johansson to abandon its role in a definitive manner. What will happen to the Hulk? Recently we told you that Mark Ruffalo could return in a series of Disney+and today , the actor has spoken about it.

In an interview with Varietythe actor mentioned that, unlike Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Chris Evans (Captain America), your character still has way in the Marvel Universe. However, it also clarified that at this time there is one particular project in march, so fans will have to continue waiting for them to confirm your new appearance. Yes, confirmed that having a presence in Disney+ is a real possibility.

“Speaking of that Banner might appear in the series of She–Hulk. If we can think of something good, it would be really interesting. At this time this is all over. That is all there is on the table,” said Ruffalo. His statement aligns, to some extent, to a report published by The Illuminerdi. The media reported that the actor had already signed his contract to appear in She-Hulkwhile We Got This Covered he went further and added some details-narrative of the aforementioned production.

What will happen with the much-rumored movie of Hulk? Let’s be honest, there are many fans who expect to see a new feature of the green man, and Ruffalo knows it: “There is an idea that I think could be really interesting. We have never given up. It is always a little off. It is like the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Avengers. It would be interesting to fill in all the blank spaces that were left between all the films,” concluded the actor.

Unfortunately, Hulk has no place in the films of the phase 4 the Movie Universe of Marvel. However, the plan of Disney would be brand new She-Hulk at the end of 2021, being one of the great exclusive Disney+ the next year. Comic Book announced in January that the filming of the series would begin this summer, but at that time no one expected the pandemic of coronavirus that has negatively impacted the entertainment industry. We’ll see if the company is able to meet their dates.

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