Marvel will offer to Sam Raimi’s direction of Spider-Man 4 | Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness | Tom Holland | Movies and series


When it was announced that Marvel would not have Scott Derrickson for the sequel of Doctor Strangethe fans were disappointed. However, the recent confirmation that its place will be occupied by Sam Raimi, director of the original trilogy of Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguirehas returned excitement to the fans and has set the expectations in the air.

While the filmmaker was left to gates the release of a fourth installment years ago due to the decision of Sony a restart of the franchise, Raimi might be closer to what is expected of that possibility, this time from the hand of the Movie Universe of Marvel.

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According to information from the specialized medium We got this covered, the study is considering whether to offer to Sam Raimi the address of a next output solo Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker. Naturally, your appointment would be conditional on the success you get in command of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

Watch here the trailer of Spider-Man: far from home:

Despite the fact that it is not a decision already taken, the sources of WGTC ensure that the company is expected to count with the presence of Raimi for new projects in the Spider-Man. According to the medium, it is possible that your income will be delayed until Spider-Man 5 if Jon Watts returns for the fourth tape.

The return of the director to a project of Spider-Man will depend on his work in Doctor Strange 2. If the fans are pleased with what you will see on the screen, Kevin Present you can extend the working relationship Raimi with Marvel.