Millie Bobby Brown, Jimmy Fallon and the best game to Zoom


So if you think that Stranger Things it is one of the best series of today and if you are one of those that cry out to heaven that is very overrated, at least everyone will agree on one thing, Millie Bobby Brown will be happy to pm to anyone. The teen world’s most popular and is a sure hit for any program that has it. It was the best of the Bright Minded of Miley Cyrus and has now returned to succeed with Jimmy Fallon, confirming that every time you go (even for a Zoom) to The Tonight Show gives the program several highlights.

We could start by saying that, in just four minutes of the interview, Millie talks about her new dog, from the collection of the albums of his brothers, of how you have tinted the t-shirt wearing, of confinement and of Stranger Things season 4. We’re going to do, so are the interviews of the generation TikTok, to the holder every ten seconds. But let’s focus on what’s important. Yes, the long-awaited fourth installment of the series from Netflix is stopped by the Coronavirus but, now, thanks to Millie, as we know exactly what is shot before the break: “we had Already shot two weeks in Lithuania. Not I, but the team, so we were about to get to the bottom”. Come on, I just filmed the parts that represent Hopper in Siberia that we saw in the teaser.

But we’re not here to talk about the logical delay of a series, which, of course, is stop. Jimmy Fallon has always stood out for the games with his guests, and Millie Bobby Brown has been one of their stars in each occurrence. Now, through Zoom, the truth is that the thing was fairly limited. Being sincere with the poor Fallon, with the format home had not achieved even a single fun activity with your guests… Until now. Fallon and Brown take advantage of the ability to be muted to play guess the song, a kind of lip-reading by Zoom that works perfectly as a tv entertainment. Ignoring how incredibly evil that plays Jimmy Fallon, the big moment of the program (and all of its programs of confinement) is the last turn. In it, Bobby Brown is singing Slowlya title in Spanish that a Fallon engaged in reading English words from their lips that it seems unable to guess. Laughter, we need laughter, even if it is ‘Slowly’.

As ball extra, here are some of the great moments of Fallon and Bobby Brown.