Miriam Rodriguez and Edurne, the shadow of Jennifer Lopez


In this pursuit of hobbies and forms of to kill the time we have left in this quarantine have succeeded the challenges on the Internet and the massive downloading of an application already consecrated but with a long journey yet: Tik Tok.

This social network video offers users the possibility to unleash their creativity and for entertainment purposes. In addition, these are the same people who are paying court to the same bringing their creations to other social networks such as Instagram or Twitter.

Among them Miriam Rodriguez and Edurne, which have joined a challenge viral that consists of recreating the choreography of Jennifer Lopez in the past Super Bowl. And, the truth is not given anything wrong. It seem the shadow of the diva from the Bronx!

Through a filter that multiplies the person in question in a way that gives the feeling of being accompanied by a group of dancers, and with a portion of the musical part in that Jennifer Lopez he starts to sing The ring next to J Balvinthe user mimics the choreography of that time.

Thus is born the #JloChallenge when many users have joined. Miriam Rodriguez and Edurne have wanted to leave his mark and not given anything wrong. We signed for in his next concerts will be encouraged with some choreography so typical of a diva as is this of the Super Bowl.

I too have fallen to the #JloChallenge“ shared Edurne in the publication of Instagram. But this is not the only challenge that madrid has united these days of quarantine. The artist is very creative, so much so that it has created its own challenges, such as singing in the shower or the versioning of a time comedian with one of his last songs, Maybe.

To move the skeleton

The choreography Jennifer Lopez it is not the only video that the two artists have shared dancing. Tik Tok up to much and Miriam Rodriguez also has wanted to create your own challenge with a choreography that she has created for Do not ever, a track from his latest album, The distance of your luck.

I want to see you sing, dance, and enjoy all the things“ said the galician in their social networks. A choreography energetic and with a lot of rhythm, it is only suitable for the brave! Do you feel like?