“Mugshot Challenge”: the polmico challenge created by the famous influencer James Charles


During this quarantine, a large number of challenges viral have appeared in social networks. The majority of them consists of to demonstrate any skill, physical or simply to make rer the dems users. However, in this third week of the month of April, showed up a challenge on Twitter that indign to many people.

This is the “Mugshot Challenge”, a challenge created by the famous influencer and make-up artist James Charles. This young man is very well known in the social networks, for example in his account of Twitter account with more than 5,000,000 followers, so that all of your dynamic to end up being viral.

This challenge consists of people is me putting makeup on him feigning wounds or bruising caused by a particular kind of beating, agregndole a background that suggests that they are detained in a comisara. Quickly the dynamics started to be carried out by a large number of people who pareci a good way to fight boredom.

However, not all of them cay in grace this challenge and began to criticize him, claiming that they were making fun of those that actually were sufferers of violence. These reviews came to all of the influencer, which termin eliminating the publication and expressing the following: “Despite the fact that hundreds of ‘influencers’ and artists have done something similar, I deleted the photo police because it was never my intention to provoke anyone.