Netflix | Will Smith: “I Am legend”, “Suicide Squad” and all the movies acted by the actor who you can see in the platform


Netflix has in its catalog the most successful films of the cinema and the television. Without doubt, this list is the leads the renowned actor Will Smithwhom we can see in his best roles, thanks to the streaming platform.

These are the movies of Will Smith that you can see during the quarantine, through Netflix:


The original movie Netflix is starring Will Smith, who gives life to a police officer from Los Angeles that is associated with a rookie clan of the Orcs in a world in which human creatures, and mythical. Both must set aside their differences to protect a young elven female and a relic of the thought.

Unexpected beauty

Will Smith is a executive successdeeply depressed after suffering a tragedy, that seeks the meaning of life and begins to write letters to the love, death and time. Meanwhile, their friends, concerned about him, develop a plan to get it to recover emotionally.

In search of happiness

The movie of Will Smith that is worth a re-watch more than once. The actor plays Chris Gardner, who abanndonado by his wife and broken completely, she undertakes a struggle for the dream of a stable job, in the company of his small son. Both face the hardness that means I do not have money even to eat.

I am legend

The actor Will Smith play Robert Nevillea brilliant scientist, is the sole survivor of a plague created by the man who transformed the humans in mutants thirsty for blood. In the midst of a lonely city of New York, the protagonist searches for a cure, despite the difficulties.

The hidden truth

Netflix also has in her list the story in which Will Smith is dr. Bennet Omalu, who challenged the football discovering the risk of brain injuries while he was a autopsy on the corpse of the former player of the NFL, Mike Webster.

Seven souls

Other movies Will Smith that you can see Netflix is Seven Souls. The tape has as plot the actions kind of an inspector fiscal of The Angels, which turn out to be a mystery, but known to Emily terminrá to put an end to their shameful plans.

Two policemen rebels II

The film is the second in the series ‘Bad boys’. Agents Mike Lowreyplayed by Will Smith, and Marcus Burnett, who gives life Martin Lawrence, they try to stop a drug lord who is flooding the ecstasy the streets of Miami, and to achieve this, have this time with the help of someone very special: the sister of Marcus.

Wild Wild West

The production of Warner Bros. has Will Smith as one of the two agents of the government that, in 1869, will have the mission to find a group of scientists that have been kidnapped and avoid the assassination of the president. Next to them will be the gorgeous and strange Rita Escobar, played by Salma Hayek.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad or Suicide Squad tells the story of a group of villains with superpowers in the Universe D. C. Comics, which have a mysterious mission that will allow them to reduce the sentence that meet. In the tape, Will Smith is Deadshot, a hired killer, who is able to use a variety of weapons.

The frightens off sharks

The animated film for children has as its protagonist Oscara fish that Will Smith gives the voice. The story of Oscar the adventures you will face later attributed the killing of a shark, which then takes you to face a real threat.


The series of the nineties, “The prince of Bel-Air“which brought fame to the actor Will Smithit is also on the platform Netflix. The sitcom has six seasons in which he narrates the adventures of the family Bankswhen her family from Philadelphia moved to his mansion in Bel-Air.