New cases come to the agency Drake in the third season of ‘Frankie Drake Mysteries’


Wednesday, 22 April at 22:00 hours COSMO premiere exclusively in the third season of the series with new mysteries for the detective agency for women.

Noted for its costumes, music, and the vision of the city of Toronto in the 20s, during 10 episodes, the drama will return each Wednesday at COSMO with a season that will show its protagonists as never before had seen. The refined environments of the british aristocracy, the cruel and illegal boxing matches, the world of the supernatural, or the corrupt politicians will be some of the scenarios that we will soon see in Frankie Drake Mysteries.

In addition, the researchers will move to London, in a case next to the very famous writer of mystery Agatha Christie. The new episodes arrive loaded of mysteries, our protagonists will investigate the death of a teacher dear in a private school for girls, the Academy Briarlane. In addition, a man will ensure to be the half-brother of Frankiewhile our detectives are dealing with the one that seems to be the case more powerful that has confronted one of the protagonists appears dead in the offices of the detective agency.

We are in the 20’s and was the first agency of detective women investigates cases that the police is not able to solve. In an era of change and hope, being a woman is a great advantage for the team led by Frankie Drake. Is a woman ahead of her time, fearless and addicted to the adrenaline rush that follows its own rules. Women are just recognizing the right to vote, and in general there is a new climate of freedom for them, so Frankie opened the only detective agency private women in Toronto together with her friend Trudy Clarke. The two are tenacious and adventurous, which sometimes they will cause many problems, although they are always good stops. And being women, they have a point of view very particular and can face up to situations that men face in another way.

Frankie and Trudy have the support of Mary Shaw, a morality policethat uses your license plate to help in the search for suspects, and Flo, a worker at a morgue, which they use when they need information about the last body that has entered into the morgue.

The critical Spanish, and international, has received Frankie Drake Mysteries with open arms, stressing that it is a production that starred almost exclusively by women. The excellent relationship between the protagonists, its commitment to diversity, its extensive list of guest actors and background neat to detail are some of the other attributes that make Frankie Drake Mysteries a success.