Noah Cyrus says that they “hid from the world” due to comparisons with Miley Cyrus


To the lesser of Cyrus, was not easy to grow up under the shadow of her family famous.

You may now the name of Noah Cyrus sound by itself and has its own share of power and merit, however, for a long time, the youngest of the clan Cyrus had to settle with being known by the world as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, and the younger sister of Miley Cyrus.

To live this way, between observations and comparisons it was not easy for Noah, and recently be honest in a new interview with the magazine tmrw.

Watch the video with all the details about their statements.

Noah continues to build his own path. Last month, he released his latest single I Got So High That I Saw Jesus. He has also spoken on mental health, including their experiences with anxiety and depression, and has supported causes close to his heart. For example, recently launched a clothes collection LONELY in partnership with Crystal Campaign to benefit The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to protect the emotional health of teenagers and young adults and prevent suicide.

Nor has it left its enemies stand in your way of following your dreams.

“I felt that I was put in this situation really only grow in the family in which I grew up,” he told the publication. “Very different. Not being able to go to school, not being able to do much, it really was a different way to grow. I feel that now is my chance for all the people who were so horrible to me when I was so young, publicly, and all that they called me as they called me. I feel that it is my time to prove them wrong, make them feel stupid, and this is how I feel now. I just want to do things for me and make me happy. All the people who told me they couldn’t, prove them wrong and show them that I can.”