Noel Schajris confesses to be a “romantic essence” but are not afraid to explore



The argentine singer Noel Schajris confessed in an interview with Efe being a “romantic essence”, but not afraid to explore new sounds and rhythms, as evidenced on his new song “What we’re doing”, which has two versions and with two music videos.

“I’m a romantic in essence and I use different rhythms to explore and convey different times. In this case it made me interesting to go by that side that has time trap romanticón, and hip-hop”, explained the singer who rose to fame with the duet sin Bandera along the mexican Leonel Garcia and thanks to ballads such as “you Lie so well” or “Enter my life”.

This Tuesday we premiered this track that has side A and side B -making reference to the classic vinyl records – and that the singer is reaffirmed as a great balladeer at the same time demonstrating your interest in the style derived from hip-hop or the blues.

“I was raised since I have memory with blues, rhythm-and-blues and hip-hop. These are styles that I feel passionate about and I love to see how they evolve and how they will be merging. I like it acoustic but I also enjoy the combination of sounds” took shape.

For him, the sounds that fall currently within the genre urban, “the end of fashion”, are based on the hip-hop and its ramifications, of which admires the ability of improvisation, a technique that she admires in all styles.


The two videos that make up “What we’re doing,” form a complete story, “two chapters” that make up a kind of short film that tells how a child fell in love with a girl in a bowling alley and never moved from there, with the hope that she would return.

Along with the director Sofia Quirós, great friend of the singer, they decided that the video had to accompany what the music proposed, which are two versions of the same song: one more classic and the second more varied musically.

Despite the fact that the location (bowling alley) is inspired in a Costa Rica in which he played the singer in the period in which he lived in that country -7 to 15 years-, the main character, explained Schajris, it is totally opposite to him.

“The guy really lived stagnating all his life, singing in the same places, and in that sense it is completely different to me. (…) To me always has made me very sad that people who do the same thing their whole life, but I wanted to make a character very different to me: that lives in the same house, that never evolved, which puts the same shirt every day and that is pathetic”, he explained.

Remember that next to Quiros recalled his childhood and his early gigs in bars and places like this bowling alley, a place that played without anyone noticing, but felt happy because “that was what I wanted to do.”

Today, the race Schajris is backed by 20 years of success that triumphed in Latin america and prepares in Los Angeles (USA), where he resides with his wife and their children, a disc of 20 songs produced by himself and that has been found between the themes that he composed in his day and never got to include in any of his records.

“They are songs that were filled with dust in a drawer and I’ve been rediscovering now that I have the time. You start dusting off boxes and you find musical gems,” he said.

“I’m in a phase of very creative, I began to 2020 with a lot of energy, and encouraging me to do things that had not before done how to produce my songs, become increasingly master of my art”, he added.

In addition, the current situation arising from the global pandemic of coronavirus that people should stay home to prevent infecting them, has brought something good to the singer-songwriter, that takes advantage of the time that is usually not due to tours and projects, to create and compose.

Also, the argentine hopes that the world will not again be as before after you exceed this pandemic.

“I think that it is not good to return to the normalcy of injustice and social inequality. May God grant that this be a before and an after, and we can have a better world,” he said.