Paperweight: download these three free books to read in quarantine Books


“Scheherazade in the bunker”

Author: Marta Sanz


Pages: 12

Editorial: Anagrama

Author of the novels “The anatomy lesson”, “Collarbone”, among others, Sanz has established itself as one of the writers most interesting and powerful of the Spanish language contemporary. And this brief story, written with astonishing rapidity in the context of the pandemic, and the confinement, gives an account of this. It tells the story of a married couple in full quarantine, despite having all the resources and privileges necessary to their survival, they embody the nightmare of domestic violence, a problem that is not been talking enough during these days of confinement.

In this way, and taking as inspiration the dynamics of the “Thousand and one nights”, the main character, Scheherazade, you try to tell her stories to her explosive husband to avoid his attacks. Despite this appalling scenario, the narrative does not dispenses with the irony, some outbursts of tenderness, and built as a perfect lattice around the coexistence. “In reality, our house is one floor normal, but we call it a bunker from which came the confinement ceased to be an expression of a bad novel is dystopian to become the everyday” describes the narrator with a voice that goes out of the romanticization of violence the most pure fear and, at times, to what seems like simple madness.

Can be downloaded from this link.

“My memory”

Authors: Irune Virgel and Kike Infamous


Pages: 60

Editorial: The Resistance

The story begins with the death of his protagonist: an old Spanish that has left him to her granddaughter the diaries that he wrote over the years. And it is this young man that, with these texts surprisingly received during the funeral of his grandmother, we will be telling a story just as painful as moving. First, because it reveals to us the condition of the woman during the Civil War in their country, and forced into exile in Mexico. But also because such a history, full of decades and centuries of oppression against the woman, burst in the eyes of the girl as an extremely current.

In this way, the story includes characters such as Clara Campoamor (the writer and activist for the rights of the woman), the photographer Gerda Taro and up to the painter Frida Kahlo, which help the main character to better understand the complex conformation of femininity, which encompasses the dreams of independence, motherhood, and other issues that are not necessarily the same between one and another woman. With some illustrations quite sober and delicate, the story of “My memory” stands out for its sensitivity and empathy towards a cause that is so current.

It can be read in this link.

“Tales of the globe: the beauty and the beast”

Several authors


Pages: 50

Editorial: Small Editor

A very interesting proposal of this collection named as ” Tales of the Globe: to bring together various stories or legends from all over the world, all with common elements, and compare them to try to understand how it is that is generating these stories so similar in contexts, and diverse cultures.

In the case of this installment, a group of authors presents a number of adaptations of three classic tales: “beauty and The beast”, a fairy tale traditional French; “The snake magic”, a story of the american Adele M. Fielde, but written in Chinese; and “a Wedding darker” story oral from Chile. Stories of three different continents that match in show beasts are anthropomorphic in idiolios romantic with girls of great beauty and a good heart. Almost a cliché, certainly, but notable for the nuances that give the contrast.

Can be downloaded from this link.