Pogba reveals that two players turned him into a midfielder TOP


Paul Pogba says that the “amazing” experience of learning from Paul Scholes and Andrea Pirlo helped him to become a midfielder first-class.

The French star made his debut in the Premier League with Manchester United in 2012 alongside Scholes in the heart of the midfield, the year in which it was transferred to Juve after a transfer free.

To win three consecutive titles in the Series, along with Pirlo in Turin was another positive experience for Pogba before returning to Old Trafford in 2016.

The 27-year-old says that playing and training with these cultured midfielders he helped to develop after spending part of his junior career as a centre forward.

“You learn a lot and what a view,” said Pogba to the podcast of the UTD. “I really learned and I learned. It was amazing for me to watch them train as well, and prompted me to go ahead.

“Okay, I have to work hard and I have much more to do. Pirlo and Scholes, are midfielders who control the game, players to watch and I learned a lot from them.

“I started as a striker, then as a number 10, then number 6. Thank God that I was not the midfielder! It was because I wanted to play with the ball too.

“I was in the front and I dropped too, so a trainer told me: ‘Well, he plays the number 10 and played the ball’. I still liked a lot of the ball and had too many touches, so put me in the number six.”

Pogba was about to return to the first team when the season English was suspended due to the pandemic of coronavirus.