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Chris Hemsworth, better known as ‘Thor’ by their participation in the films of Marvel superheroes, returns to the screens, but this time, on the platform of ‘streaming’ Netflix with a new production of the brothers Russo and address of Sam Hargrave.

The TIME had the exclusive first images from behind the scenes of Rescue missionwith the look and opinion of the protagonists behind this action film.

Produced in several cities of the asian continent, Rescue mission it tells the story of Tyler Rake, played by Hemsworth, who is a mercenary with a lot of experience of battles of fire and, now, itjan the mission of rescuing the son of a international criminal who is behind bars. Yes, the protagonist live the adventure surrounded by danger and weapons.

Within the first images, the same director, Sam Hargrave stated that the physical characteristics of Hemsworth allowed many action scenes true.

Chris Hemsworth is an athlete and extremely gifted and we gave him a lot to do,” said Hargrave. However, this added to involve the actors in scenes of risk is a challenge, because security goes first.

Also, the same Hemsworth confessed what was the difference in record Rescue mission of other productions.

I have participated in many action films, but not of this complexity, ” said Hemsworth, who added that for the scenes, rehearsing the choreography of the physical clashes, which were exhaustive.

On the other hand, the producers of Rescue missionJoe Russo and Anthony Russo, best known in the world of cinema as the brothers Russo, have gained prestige and experience having produced Marvel movies as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers Endgame.

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