Sam Smith: “it has Always been my dream to sing with Demi Lovato” | Music


Sam Smith had everything ready for the next may 1, would have seen the light with their third studio album To die for. But the current situation changed all of his plans. Through their social networks, announced the delay of the album and other changes in your project. What has not changed one iota is his enthusiasm and excitement by releasing his imminent collaboration with Demi Lovato.

A dream of adolescence become a reality you share with all of us this April 17 under the title of I m ready. In LOS40 we have already been able to listen to this spectacular duet which will pleasantly surprise everyone and become the second single from their highly anticipated new musical adventure. One of the best kept secrets of the music and one of the songs calls to become the most listened-to 2020.

Already made us enjoy with To die fora song in the back associated with his friend and regular collaborator Jimmy Napes and with the duo of producers Stargate. A ballad in which he pays homage to Donnie Darko and that he composed in times of self-discovery and unrequited love.

Of love, heartbreak, other collaborations, the changes to your disk, and even Billie Eilish and their song No time to die for the new movie of Bond we’ve been able to ask during a phone interview that he granted to us from your home.

LOS40: Where do you has caught the confinement? Where are you? And above all, how are you? Because we read that you’ve been bad for a couple of days

Sam Smith: right Now I am in my London home with my sister. Fortunately both my family and I are very well. How is your family?

Very well, thanks for asking. And we’re going to be better when you have I’m ready ‘ with Demi Lovato. How did the collaboration?

I’ve always been a big fan of Demi Lovato since my teens and has always been my dream to be able to work with it and this year finally fulfilled. We were finally able to be working on the study. We have a lovely friendship and I am very emocionadx to be able to launch this song with her.

I have been fortunate to be able to listen to and is a song that was incredibly powerful with a percussion that I loved and that reminded me of the Sam Smith Money on my mind. What is a return to the origins? Do a self-tribute?

A little, since then, my sources pop are there. When I write my songs really I do not think so, but I make the music that I feel good and with which I can express myself and feel calm, which is how I like to feel. I wanted it to be a celebration of the gender-Queer and of love and of be you mismx.

The voice of Demi Lovato sounds amazing after everything that has happened. No one expected this duet. What we’re going to surprise us with more collaborations?

Always, you know. Everything I do are collaborations because they do not play instruments. I “simply” singing so that everything I do are collaborations with other people. And yes, there are other artists with whom I worked, and when the time is right to launch the disk I will be able to announce it.

Have you gone back to work with Jimmy Napes for this album?

Yes, Jimmy and I are always writing and for this album we also wrote some songs that we’ve created between the two and that I love. I love working with Jimmy. You have an amazing talent.

Your last releases, the version of I feel love, and your singles To die for and I’m ready, have in common the claim of love. What continues to be your main source of inspiration?

Of course. I believe that love is the most powerful emotion of all times. It is the main source of inspiration for pop music and music in general. I’ve always seen as the most inspiring.

In the lonely hour is about a single person. In The thrill of it all, in many relationships, people and things though not all of them were autobiographical. What about what’s going to talk about your third studio album?

My third album is going to talk, about everything, from my ex-boyfriend. It is one of the most serious that I’ve had so back to the beginning, to a single person.

A few weeks ago anunciabas the delay and the change of the name of this album was to be called To die for. Is there going to be some more change in the project?

I don’t think that will change the disk to the full. I think I’m going to change the cover, change the title and change some songs. But right now I’m waiting to have these conversations because everything is paralyzed. Now the priority is to the people and as human beings we are going through this hell. So I’m going to wait for all this to settle down before taking the decision. The title of the disc I still can’t tell you, but it will change and it will not be To die for.

Have you heard the song that Billie Eillish has created for the soundtrack of the new Bond movie? Do you think I have options to win the Oscar as you did?

Completely. I think that the song is one superb and will win the Oscar with her. It is a piece of music that is really special.

And out of curiosity, how where you have placed the Oscar?

I don’t have them at home. The took off from the beginning because I always got very nervous whenever I was away from home because they are very important things to me that have no replacement. So I don’t have them with me at home.

What would you say to the people who are going through these difficult times?

I hope that all my fans in Spain and around the world are well and I send all my love. I want to remind you that humanity has been through this before and we will overcome it all together. Everything will turn out okay in the end. With love, kindness and faith we can overcome it all together. I Cuidaros much!

Have you ever thought what is the first thing you’re going to do when all this ends?

Yes. I’m going to go to Mcdonald’s (laughter).