Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey give 86 thousand masks to public health

Celebrities have also joined the fight against the coronavirus and many of them have shown to their human quality in various occasions, such is the case of the actors are americans Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey those who put their grain of sand, and decided to contribute out of pocket to address the outbreak.

Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, donated 6 thousand masks N95 workers of public health in Los Angeles.

Randall made public the news on his account of Instagram and pointed out that they were the two sons of the actress, Louis, 10, and Laila, 8 years, who had the idea of helping this way.

For his part Matthew McConaughey also donated to the police and fire stations in Austin, Texas, masks to protect themselves from the virus.

“Our mission is to protect those who protect us, providing health care workers, firefighters, police officers and other approximately 80 thousand masks needed to fight the virus COVID-19”.

It should be noted that other celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Arnold Schwarzenegger donated a million dollars to various non-profit organizations that serve vulnerable populations in order to combat the pandemic, which has cornered the entire world.


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