Selena Gomez confesses why he decided to reveal more intimate aspects of her life | People | Entertainment


Selena Gomez has recently been shown to be the most open to sharing a bit of your privacy, not only in their social networks or in interviews, but in his music there is more transparency as to who is on all planes of your life, including your emotional health.

The artist said that this is because he wants to avoid the media questioning his life.

Gomez returned to the public eye last year with “Lose You to Love Me“, song in which became the crisis staff in empowering the public. The single is the first to top the lists of Billboard, and is also the main song of ‘Rare’, their latest recording project.

His latest album, ‘Rare’, is a letter sincere to his fans. So he explained in an interview for the magazine Interview, where ensures they had to start to open up more, because the people in their social networks and the press, we were stealing your own narrative.

“My intention has never been to become a meat media(…) Is that everything is out of control and I tap to reply”. And clarified that what I was reading about it, nothing was certain. “The way that some people try to explain things from my life cause me to be quite wrong, because there is nothing wrong in the fact that I needed to disconnect from the world or that I’ve fallen in love with,” he said.

Gomez confessed to Amy Schumer, his interviewer that what keeps it afloat is to be able to talk about issues as varied as depression and anxiety, because you know that you can help many people, but stressed the importance of using professional help to cope with the saddest situations.

Selena Gomez shared the interview with his fans in his personal account of Instagram.

“Tato of stay at the margin of what is being said or was said of me, is not that you are obsessed with it and not allow me to live my own life”, she ended. (E)