Serena Williams and Pique, examples of entrepreneurship among athletes


Each day grows the culture of entrepreneurship among professional athletes. Regardless of the sport they practice or their sex, more and more athletes are looking beyond their lives as athletes. Professional athletes have a display case in the media very important that you take advantage of to publicize its facets-sporting. In this note Sports Inc. we will talk about 3 athletes that have created businesses that have high impact.

The career of a professional athlete is limited to a period very low of their lives. On average, a player of the NFL has a career that lasts on average 3 years, a player who reaches the NBA or to the NHL lasts for 5 years and a player that went through the Premier League close to 8 years. If the life expectancy is around 80 years, the sporting career of an athlete represents only 13% of his adult life.

Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets, NBA – 31 years)

Kevin Durant is a superstar NBA. Durant spent a year at the University of Texas before being drafteado by the Seattle Sonics. Durant his moved along with the franchise from Seattle to Oklahoma City where it was 8 seasons and was MVP in the season 2013-2014. As a free agent joined to convert to the Golden State Warriors in a super-team that would win 2 championships NBA.

Today Durant is on his fourth team, the Brooklyn Nets although he has not made his debut for an injury. In his career in the NBA Kevin Durant has generated more than $ 225 million by salary.

Thirty 5 Ventures is a company created by Durant and his manager. With this company they have invested in dozens of projects from multiple industries. Within their investments are Ethos, Lime and Postmates.

In addition with Thirty 5 Medium, Durant supports sports stars to launch successful social media channels, especially in YouTube.

Serena Williams (Tennis player, WTP – 38 years)

Serena Williams it is one of the players most successful in the TWENTY-first century. In their range of trophies include 23 titles Grand Slamthe largest amount for a player in history. The prize money he has won in his career round $ 100 million.

Williams created the company Williams Ventures with which has invested in 34 companies. More than half of the companies in which it has invested are focused on women and minorities. In addition, Serena is the owner of shares of the Miami Dolphins of the NFL and the UFC. Williams is one of the athletes represented by Nike and Gatorade.

Gerard Pique (FC Barcelona, La Liga – 33 years)

Gerard Pique was formed as a player in the Farm of the FC Barcelona. After a brief passage by the Manchester United, Pique returned to the Catalan club where he has won multiple tournaments of League, Cup and Champions League.

In business, Pique is involved in tennis, eSports and the lenses. With the company Kosmos of which he is president, changed the format of the Davis Cup. In its first edition, in November of 2019, Spain was the champion with the intervention of Rafael Nadal. The company Kosmos also this led for the company Rakuten, the sponsor of the FC Barcelona. The husband of Shakira is also involved in the company Kypers, a leader in the world in sale of lenses.