Shakira revealed the amazing vocation of their son Sasha


After the turmoil caused by its reflection about the quarantine of child, Shakira still immersed in matters of children, but this time all in the family. The colombian singer has found the vocation of his son Sasha: photography. And is the child of only 5 years he has made a snapshot of his mother with a lot of skill, despite his young age.

“I think my son Sasha wants to be a photographer!”said proud Shakira next to the publication.

One more proof that this quarantine is driving families to get to know more thoroughly than ever, sharing hobbies and good times to remember.

During the last few weeks Sasha has not been the only child to show their artistic skills.

The saying “like father, like son” has been reflected in more households in our musical culture as Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives or Antonio Orozco.

Who knows, like in a decade we are all making music and to the son of Shakira directing their video clips.

It will all come. For now live the moment and enjoy the purity of these new talents.