Simone Bill surprise when you take off the trousers I stop hands! VIDEO


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In full quarantine coronavirusthe gymnast american, Simone Days, winning 25 medals worldsurprised on social networks to achieve a challenge that became viral; it was take off the pants with feet when standing on of hands.

This challenge was the Handstand Challenge, which began Tom Holland; the actor and protagonist of Spidermanit was established that the challenge consists of standing in the floor of the hands and be able to take off the pants the way that I could.

For 50 seconds, Bill managed to be standing in the hands and although she struggled a bit, as they seemed to lose the balance, he managed in that time to take off the garment with the feet

The users on networks, they were shocked because the pant of Limitations had fasteners in the ankles, which made the challenge more difficult.