Snoop Dogg donates 1 million burgers vegan to hospital


United States.- The rapper american Snoop Dogg, decided to show solidarity with the cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) that there are in your country, so donated a million of burgers vegan a hospital that serves people sick. Medical staff of the hospital thanked the gesture of the singer.

Artists around the world have decided to put a granite of sand to the crisis by the pandemic coronavirus, donating from cash to food.

Such is the case of the rapper Snoop Dogg, who has donated a million burgers brand vegan Beyond Meat the community Hospital Martin Luther King Jr. located in south Los Angeles.

By a publication of Instagram released this news, as the rapper to be proudly a vegan, joined the initiative of this brand also vegan to donate the food.

Beyond Meat has committed to donating more than a million Beyond Burgers to those in need during these difficult times. I am proud to be a part of this,” said the rapper.

It is worth mentioning that another artist was added to this initiative was the comedian Kevin Hart, who also sent burgers to a hospital in United States.

Our community of employees, ambassadors and friends join together to help donate and distribute more than a million Beyond Burgers. Our goal has always been to use food as a vehicle for change. We are fortunate to be able to put that into practice now as never before,” reported the brand Beyond Meat.

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