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It was a quiet night in April when a video and some pictures started to run quickly on the web: the prince William it would have been caught in a discotheque, dancing with the and ensured that it was Rose Hanbury, the best friend of his wife Kate Middleton.

kate middleton rose hanbury

Immediately spread the rumor that there were problems with strong Cambridge and that the grandson of the queen Elizabeth II I was being unfaithful.

rose hanbury kate middleton prince william

Rose Hanbury it is a exmodelo, which has 36 years old, approximately, and in 2009, she married the aristocrat David Rocksavage, marquess of Cholmondeley, 57, who lives at Houghton Hall, a historical palatial residence in the county of Norfolk. They are parents of three children. Also read: The husband of Rose Hanbury, alleged lover of prince William, was in charge of loading the Imperial Crown of queen Elizabeth

The images that ran seemed to say it all: that William of Cambridge is contoneaba to the rhythm of the music among the smoke and lights of purple, while from time to time he approached a woman who was supposed to be Rose Hanbury. All the media picked up those images whose copyright is not knew but that, before long, they disappeared from the network. Only some managed to be preserved.

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Until that time, the prince William it was called unfaithful, although the images do not prove that in reality it was, but there were those who claimed that, in effect, the friends would have a relationship beyond the casual. Also read: Who is the woman with that’s related to prince William?

While the fire ran with force to the inside of Buckingham palace, Kate Middleton he received the full support of the royal family of Great Britain, and it was learned that the same duchess of Cambridge he forbade his examiga and marchioness of Cholmondeley to be invited to the actual events, and is the husband of Rose is a man very close to the queen Elizabeth IIfrom many years ago. Even, it transpired that there was an order that, little by little, Rose Hanbury out-excluded from the social circles close to Kate, William and the same royal family.

rose hanbury david husband

According to The Spanish, this would not be the first time that Rose Hanbury starred in a scandal, as his relationship and marriage with David Rocksavage it was so quick that in only three days, pledged and four months, were born their first children, the twins Alexander Hugh George and Oliver Timothy George.

The next controversy was when Rose and David did not know who the two children would inherit the noble title, as it had been born almost at the same time, so determined that the baby of higher weight would be considered to be the lucky one to inherit the title of ‘marquis’… for 200 grams of difference. Also read: Rose Hanbury, the supposed mistress of the prince William, faced strong financial problems

And, in case outside little, the sister of Rose Hanbury also, she married a man 20 years her senior, owner of the title ‘earl of Durham’, said the Spanish site.

While in the newsroom took the time to discover the truth, it was learned that the marquess of Cholmondeley spent more time in France with their friends or attending to their own affairs. Also read: Rose Hanbury, the supposed mistress of the prince William, increasingly alone and isolated

kate middleton rose hanbury

With the passage of time, Kate and Rose turned to see when, two months after the scandal, the marquise and her husband attended a dinner that the queen Elizabeth II offered in the Buckingham palace to the purpose of the visit of the president of the united States, Donald Trump, in June of last year. This scuppered rumours that their relationship would be broken forever. Also read: Kate Middleton re-match with Rose Hanbury, supposed mistress of the prince William

And in January of this year, Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury they returned to recover in a Sunday service in Sandringham. By the looks of it, the waters returned to their channel and everything was on ‘an alleged affair’.

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