So is Chris Hemsworth’s costume Superman Henry Cavill


Although it is not very common, there have been cases in which actors have played various characters from DC and Marvel. Such is the case of Ryan Reynolds (Green lantern is DC and Deadpool in Marvel), Ben Affleck (Daredevil and Batman), and Halle Berry (Storm and Catwoman), among many others.

Although it seems quite unlikely, made to dream, we can imagine that Chris Hemsworth could one day become Superman, although it would need a good paint jet black color.

This idea seems to have had the digital artist behind the account of Instagram Apexform, who has worked on this image in which we see the actor australian wearing the suit of Superman Henry Cavill in ‘man of steel’.

By the time this concept is something absolutely crazy since Hemsworth is still tied to the role of Thor, that so many satisfaciones has given you, and soon we will see him in the character for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, of Taika Waititi.

Insurance that interests you:

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