So it has become The Weeknd in the last king of the pop –


A few weeks ago, we was surprised of the news that The Weeknd reached his first # 1 in Uk with ‘Blinding Lights’. How was it possible that this project, until in the soup and everything else, I would not have gotten not a single top 1 in one of the English-speaking countries, most pop in the world? Now that ‘Blinding Lights’ takes a month to be the song number 1 in all over the world, it is easy to say, but what is certain is that his has been a career more background of what you thought, and that how you look on Wikipedia (in the image), this is his first number 1 on a global scale, and even have to add that in countries such as Spain still weighs him down, something the ass, because it has not yet managed to secure a top 10. Taking advantage of that ‘After Hours’ is our “Album of the Week”, we review 5 milestones commercial in the run-up to the fame of Abel Tesfaye. The milestones in terms of its quality, which can coincide or not, we will explore in another article in the next few days.

0.-‘Trilogy’: the beginnings underground

In 2020, you can call the attention that the first three mixtapes The Weeknd not come to the lists of success. Were given away through the internet, containing samples to those who had not been able to edit permissions and when you could finally be published, compiled under the imaginative name of ‘Trilogy’, as they had a very limited impact. However, we cannot overlook what that meant ‘House of Balloons’, ’Thursday’ and ‘Echoes of Silence’: they put to Tesfaye -and his producer Illangelo – in the first flat of the entire blog living in 2011, in all lists of the best of that year and led to that ‘Kiss Land’ was one of the albums most anticipated by the industry in 2013.

1.-‘Love Me Harder’ with Ariana Grande the first top 10

Songs like ‘Wicked Games’, ‘High for This’ and ‘The Morning show’ added to unquestionably listen to mass, but it was Ariana Grande who gave him his first top 10 in the american chart to The Weeknd. She was going by their second album had been number 1 with the first, and decided to have him for a duet of ‘My Everything’ (2014). It was ‘Love Me Harder’ and although much has happened to both of them in these 6 years, it is still one of the 10 songs most played of it on Youtube (!), and one of the 5 most played of him in the above-mentioned viewer from Google (!!). Sure other collaborations with Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and Sia (the reivindicable ‘Elastic Heart’) had been putting a grain of sand to turn.

2.-’50 Shades of Grey’, the first top 5 and first top 3

Just 3 months after editing the duet with Ariana, his strategists are pointing a huge. Because evil will though, until you ‘Earned It’ (2014) does not appear on the soundtrack to ‘50 Shades of Grey‘, The Weeknd does not actually get a hitazo solo in the lists. The song, as benefiting from the blockbuster movie like ‘Love Me Like You Do’ from Ellie Goulding, do paste a huge leap to Abel. Without being the ballad of Roxette in ‘Pretty Woman’, or the suggestive theme of the striptease to Joe Cocker in ‘9 ½ weeks’, at the end of The Weeknd arrives at the position 4 in the uk charts and at position 3 in the united States. Before I had not achieved, if well-known to little for what was to come.

3.-‘Can’t Feel My Face’, first number 1 in the USA

At that moment, The Weeknd could have settled in your identifiable R&B syncopated rhythms to the TWENTY-first century, but decides to take it a step further running as a star is much more versatile. 6 months after ‘Earned It’, published a song co-written by Max Martin (and Peter from the Cardigans) that transcends genres to try to conquer all the general public alike. Turning its well-known inspiration in Michael Jackson obsession, the disco song ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ (2015) is the first number 1 in the united States for the canadian, although it could have been in the top 2 or top 16 and would have given the same thing: it was already clear that what we had before was not a singer of worship for fashion blogs not a voice for a movie calenturienta, but a star overall.

4.-‘Starboy’, adds and follows

No superstar gets that status without a disc which exceeds in success a big hit immediately before. The producer of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys is feat The Weeknd and decides to pull the cane to Daft Punk, who are doing their utmost quite a bit in general and in terms of production of others in particular. For some reason, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter decide to say yes, and ‘Starboy’ gives another number 1 in the united States and a number 2 in the Uk. With over 1,000 million Youtube views and another 1,000 million on Spotify is their song with the most successful… of time.

5.-‘Blinding Lights’ do not touch ceiling

When it came out ‘Blinding Lights’ entered at the post 11 american chart; a week later went down to the post 52, sunk by the timely Christmas of Mariah Carey and some of the other people who come back always with the nougat. ‘Blinding Lights’ was not “best new music” on Pitchfork, and the subject harmed by what seemed like a infomercial for Mercedes, barely appeared in the lists of the best of 2019 JENESAISPOP and Stereogum. But it reached 2020 and the thing exploded. In mid April we can say that it takes 7 weeks at number 1 in the uk charts, there will be an 8th, and I may have sorpasso regard to the ‘Starboy’. The 80’s are more than a cute effluvium and in this way, Tesfaye has managed to differentiate itself from the boring last few steps of Bieber and Drake, while to call the attention of those who grew up with the synth-pop of fashion in 1983.