So it was like Aislinn Derbez told his daughter about the separation from Mauritius


This time is difficult for everyone.

Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann took, the easy, decision to separate as a couple, however remain very good friends, living and loving, because you have a daughter in common: Kailani, who recently turned two years old.

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Both Aislinn as Mauritius have been told and shown that they are still a very close-knit family, especially because the priority of both is very clear, it is the small Kai.

After all the turmoil that entails, have made public their separation, Aislinn ensures that it has learned to revalue motherhood and one of the aspects that has most in mind is to be very clear with your daughter and not keep secrets.ç

The separation between their parents is certainly an important issue for the child, so for the actress it was important to involve them throughout the process, even when is very small.

During an interview for the podcast of Roger Gonzalez, Aislinn told how he has carried that process with her eldest: “I will tell you everything always, then you explained so perfectly what is going on since I was a baby. The part of the communication, I think it helps a lot to not make as many tantrums and things like that.”

“For starters I am a mom, then that is the most cannon because he goes to school and is no longer going to school, then that party is strong because I took advantage of the school time to do my things. I helped a lady like to clean the house, since obviously they already have not been coming, so I have to clean the house, wash dishes, cook, be a mom, that part is hard… (but) I do not I have done anything wrong, ” he concluded Aislinn Derbez.

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