Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas reveal their secret lover with this fun challenge


They were put to the test, and passed with honors!

This week, Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas took advantage of their time at home to join a challenge of couples that wheel by TikTok, and they looked really good!

Who fell in love with first? Who is most grumpy? Who is more spoiled?

Check out the video above and find out the answers of the actress Game Of Thrones and the singer of the Jonas Brothers!

Prospective parents seem to be enjoying the most of their time together as they practice responsibly the social distancing in the midst of the pandemic of Coronavirus.

During an interview with Conan O’brienSophie shared that Joe is having more and more problems to stay at home, but he has been looking for new ways to stay busy, as fast as you can make changes look for his wife.

“Everything seems to be working in my favor here,” explained Turner. “Joe is like… is a real social butterfly. Therefore, I struggle to enclose it and to do that spend time with me. It’s like… a kind of prison for him, but it is great for me.”

Social distancing could not be ideal for the singer What A Man Gotta Do, but is grateful that it has been closer to Sophie. Talking with Andy Cohen through Instagram Live, shared, “I Think for us, it is good to have each other during this time, but I think it can be [diferente] for many different people. We got married last year, so, naturally, only wanting to be together, it is a moment really special.”