Spectacular Fan Art of Chris Hemsworth as Superman

Thanks to an artist of the internet we know what it would look like Chris Hemsworth as Superman in the movies of DC Comics.

The actor Chris Hemsworth it has been made world famous thanks to interpret Thor, the Thunder God in the movies of the Movie Universe of Marvel. This character has often been compared with Superman DC Comics, therefore it is interesting to see what it would look like the actor with the famous red suit and blue.

Here is a taster of the spectacular Fan Art of Chris Hemsworth as Superman, created by Apexform:

Spectacular Fan Art of Chris Hemsworth as Superman

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When do we ever see this character in the comics in the film?

After the movie Justice League, it seems that the actor Henry Cavill has ceased to be Superman, just like that Ben Affleck no longer be construed never more to Batman. In fact, in the upcoming movie the Dark Knight will have to Robert Pattinson protagonist, however, about the Man of Steel for now nothing is known. While the actor Chris Hemsworth yes that will give life once more to Thor.

Marvel Studios is preparing for Thor 4, where Chris Hemsworth will star in the new adventures of the God of Thunder once you have already defeated Thanos. After that you probably already let the character and as much as we will see in some epic cameo.

Do you interpret Superman in the future? As we mentioned Henry Cavill, who is currently giving life to Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, will not return. Therefore you need a new actor who put on the layer. What would be Chris Hemsworth a good option? Physically it is a wonder, although it is rubio, so he would have to pass by the hairdresser to make him a hack. But even so, one option would be quite interesting. Perhaps it can relate it too much with Thor didn’t end up working for the fans. It is as if they have made Robert Downey Jr. as the new Batman. It has a lot of charisma, but he is too related to Iron Man in the collective imaginary.

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