“Still I see them as my idols (Serena and Venus Williams)”: Cori Gauff

The american tennis player of 16 years found that it is not fair to the Williams sisters, each a former world number one, to be compared with someone who has just arrived.

Does not lose the floor…

The american tennis player Cori “Coco” Gauff he assured that he dislikes to be compared with Venus and Serena Williams by the difference of years of experience that you have with them.

“First, because I’m still not at your level and second, because nor is it fair for them to be compared to someone who has just arrived. Still I see them as my idols, we should not be in the same group, although I wish to reach where they have reached them”, explained the player of 16 years of age.

“Coco” commented that are two of the women that weave their way as a professionalbecause that would open the way in the white sport for many african americans.

The rise of Gauff in the circuit of the Women’s association Tennis (WTA) has been rapid during the past two years, which is why he accepted feel pressure at times to be seen as a model to follow for the new generations.

“Add a little bit of pressure to know that people are watching every move I make, but now it’s easier because I’m just being me, I don’t do a paper with which the people agree”, he said in a blog post.

However, to be a teenager with responsibilities adult caused “Coco” suffered depression for a time, in the even raised leave the tennis to lead a normal life as for the rest of their friends and colleagues.

“When you have that mentality dark, you don’t see the positive side of things. I was lost, confused and thinking too much about what others were doing. It took Me many moments of sitting, reflecting, crying, but I came out stronger than ever of that.”revealed.

Gauff he said that after understanding that I wanted to stay as a professional, rebuilt their goals, and now leads a life style perfect with the balance between the sport, his family and friends.

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