Tainy, “the architect of the reggaeton” produces topic of Shakira

In the list of artists with whom you want to collaborate, Tainy already can cross off the name of Shakira. And is that the puerto rican recorded one of the topics that will be part of the next album from the colombian, where she lent her voice and he created all the music around the theme without a title yet.

“Between latinos you always wanted to collaborate was Shakira and this year I got to do a song with her. It was super cool to see as is his process of work, particular with every detail, professional, it gives you an idea of why it has been so successful these years. Share study helped me a lot and I learned a lot about the details and the things that are needed so that a subject comes to have its maximum potential. I’m happy with the theme,” says the producer.

The collaboration of Tainy with Shakira occurs after the puerto rican to work alongside Justin Bieber. The composer produced the Usual, a theme belonging to the disk Changes of the canadian and where, besides production, also performed the work in the battery, the keyboard and the bass.

“Working with him was something I always wanted to do, and little by little the work helped me to give this type of opportunities. The collaboration resulted because the engineer who mixed all of my music is the same that he recorded his vocals since he was a child. Gave Me a chance to send you a few instrumentals because he was producing songs for him and everything I sent ended up choosing this,” he recalls.

Considered by Rolling Stone magazine as the architect of the reggaeton modern, Tainy has been the creator of such hits as Callaita, Bad Bunny, that Spotify has more than 576 million reproductions, and Addicted, where he collaborated with Anuel AA and Ozuna, and that, after being certified with a Diamond Disc in the united States in Mexico received quadruple Platinum status.

After being recognized in the Spotify Awards as the Male Artist with the Greatest increase of Fans, the producer is presenting his first EP as a solo artist: NEON16 Tape: The Kids That Grew Up On Reggaeton, where he has collaborated with figures in the urban music such as Dalex, Alvaro Diaz, Sean Paul, Lauren Jauregui, C. Tangana, Khea, The Villas, Lennox, and Llane, among others.

“With this EP we managed to get the concept that we wanted to, taking advantage of the new wave in music, to show how they are growing and how each of them have different styles, because we all grew up listening to in any way reggaeton, so I wanted to give this spotlight to it,” he explains.

After the launch of the simple Slow, Merely, and Nothing, belonging to this EP, Tainy says it will continue with the creation of a new material for your next object is to release a full album as an artist. “Of all the things that I want to try, the genres that I want to merge and the artists with whom I work, now I’m looking for give me a chance to do something more personal. So it is that after the release of the EP I’m going to spend time to create something incredible for the audience,” he ends.