That’s really amazing! Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks after overcoming the Covid-19… you Want to find the cure!


A great example of overcoming it Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who after going through difficult days because it was infected with the coronavirus, now they want to help find a vaccine.

It turns out that the wife of the Hollywood actor stated that it is participating in a medical research, with the aim of finding a cure that could save millions of people.

The performers contracted the disease while they were in Australia, in mid-march, and then they were discharged they traveled to his residence in Los Angeles. Both Tom as Rita are complying with the insulation.

In an interview with the “CBS This Morning”, the couple of Hanks he stated that they are contributing, now that “physicians believe they are immune to the Covid-19”.

“We have recently been part of a study, and we donated our blood. We are waiting to know if our antibodies will be useful for developing a drug,” explained the woman of the interpreter.

In addition, the star he said that they are in the ability to share part of your plasma, and are going to give it to people who are still infected.

Wilson went through symptoms strong when he was in therapy. For its part, the famous he had a low fever and has not lost neither the taste nor the smell, so it was less uncomfortable recovery.