The 10 best romantic comedies on Netflix

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With almost half of the world’s population confined at home due to the coronavirus, there are many viewers who have sought refuge in the cinema to make more bearable the quarantine… and then come into scene the streaming services, like Netflix.

The popular platform has become one of the main benchmarks for its extensive catalog of films and series. Of them, the romantic comedies have a privileged place, to be very demanded by the public.

Proof of this is the unexpected success of ‘Love. Wedding. Random’, british sitcom starring Sam Claflin, Oliva Munn and Freida Pinto, who came to Netflix on the 10th of April, that is succeeding on the platform, becoming for several days in the movie more, view the service streaming. This shows that there is no better proposal of evasion that a love story with its happy ending.

And Netflix has a good catalog of romantic comedies quality, being several of them titles of the mythical genre, which demonstrate that the love stories make you dream of an ideal world, something necessary in times of isolation. Here are 10 of the best romantic comedies that can be viewed currently on Netflix.


Who has not ever dreamed to be Audrey Hepburn wearing an elegant black suit, sunglasses and carrying a croissant in hand while sighs of admiration in front of a showcase of jewelry from Tiffany’s? A film unique, with a of histories most iconic of the classic Hollywood.

GREASE (1978)

One of the best musicals in history it is also one of the romantic comedies the most beloved of the public. The summer love, Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and Danny (John Travolta) ends up becoming a whole history of encounters and disagreements over the last school year at the instituto Rydell.


One of the mythical tapes youth of John Hughesa film of love is not reciprocated, with Molly Ringwald playing Samantha, a young woman who is about to turn 16 and seeing how this great event in your life is in the background, for the wedding of her sister.


Nominated for two academy awards, Eddie Murphy stars in this tale of modern exotic princes. The story of an heir to the throne of an african country who flees to New York to find the true love of his life.


Only Julia Roberts could get that bad of a romantic comedy was the soul of the movie. ‘The wedding of my best friend’ it is, without doubt, one of the titles essential to the genre in the 90’s. Nominated for an Oscar, who can forget that moment in which the whole restaurant sings ‘I Say a Little Prayer’?


Lasse Hallström fell in love to the public with this romance starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binocheset in a pleasant French village. A story of love most sweet, which earned five Oscar nominations, including best film and best actress.


Steve Carell had to unlearn everything I knew of love in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, in which Ryan Gosling becomes his mentor in the art of seduction. A comedy that raises the romantic stories from the point of view of more acid.


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star in this curious romantic comedy, that has more drama than anything else. Two wounded souls who cross paths and rediscover in a relationship, nothing conventional. The actress of ‘The Hunger Games’ was awarded the Oscar for this role.


Paco León directed, wrote and starred in this film of stories cross in which love shows one of their faces more strange, through rare paraphilias with which the co-creator of ‘Arde Madrid” teaches that in the art of loving, there is that why you follow the patterns imposed by society.


One of the latest productions from Netflix that has obtained the approval of the critics, Randall Park and Ali Wong show that in diversity there are also stories of love that conquered the public.

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