The 5 things you need to know this 16 of April: Latin american Leaders critical of Trump


A vaccine against the coronavirus could be available for the fall in the U.S., says a scientist. The message of Angelina Jolie in the midst of the pandemic. This Thursday, Trump will announce new guidelines on prevention and social distancing. This is what you need to know to start the day. First, the truth.


Latin american leaders criticize Trump

Four former presidents of Latin america and several former ministers of Finance, teachers and directors of central banks signed a letter calling them “reckless” the decision of Donald Trump, the US president, to suspend funding to the World Health Organization, and which highlight “the essential role” of the International Monetary Fund to support the economies short and long term in the midst of the crisis.


Why aren’t there more women rulers at this time?

The women who lead various countries are doing an awesome job and excellent to handle the pandemic of coronavirus. Then, why aren’t there more of them? That is the question the author Leta Hong Fincher in this opinion column.


A vaccine against the coronavirus could be available for the fall in the U.S.

A vaccine against the coronavirus may be ready to be used by emergency workers at some point this fall in the U.S., according to Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, scientific leader of the National Institute of Health for research on vaccine against the coronavirus.


Us banks are preparing for an avalanche of bad loans

Jamie Dimon, ceo of JPMorgan, said the first quarter had been presented to the bank “unprecedented challenges”. The lenders noted a record demand for lines of credit, renewable to the extent that the crisis of the coronavirus deepened. The companies turned to their lines of credit at a rate that is “probably double the rate that in the financial crisis [de 2008], ” said Dimon.


Computers to say goodbye

Patients covid-19 die alone. A non-profit organization is collecting laptops and other devices so that hospital patients can say goodbye to their loved ones. Covid Tech Connect seeks to bring devices to hospitals and help the greatest number of patients possible.


At the time of the coffee

New research supports the testing of coronavirus pregnant women who are admitted in hospitals

The study shows the benefits of conducting a universal test in patients. To know if someone is infectious would help hospitals to determine where to place them to not get sick to other people.

The message of Angelina Jolie in the midst of the pandemic

Angelina Jolie wants all of us to control while we are on quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

How you will travel this fall? A look at the trips of the second half

How can we make travel plans for the autumn with the uncertainty of the pandemic covid-19? Discover what you need to know before you book a holiday.

That uncomfortable feeling during the quarantine could be duel

You can be healthy and take refuge safely in your home, and still feel emotionally bad about the pandemic. Those feelings of loss, uncertainty, and exhaustion can be a form of pain that many of us share.


The number of the day

US$ 15.6 million

The billionaire duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, godfather of prince George, gave US$ 15.6 million to charities for help with the coronavirus in the United Kingdom.


The quote of the day

“This virus that has multiplied all over the planet… there is no force, barrier, wall one that you can lock it”

Thus he appeared to Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, after almost a month of absence in public in a full pandemic.

Reappears Daniel Ortega, where was I? 2:09


And to finish…

This child must travel several kilometres per day to access their online classes

Giulio Giovannini has 12 years old, and lives in a rural area in Tuscany, Italy. The classes were suspended to prevent the coronavirus, and now you must follow the online courses, but don’t have a connection at home. The only way of access to the network is traveling every day for several kilometres up a hill from where you can get a signal.

Without the internet, this child travels miles to their virtual classes 2:42